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You often see a teacher serving from a kneeling position to illustrate how to learn to hit up on the ball. Besides hard on the knees learning how to serve from a kneeling position isn't pragmatic, and using a full swing to learn how to isolate the portion where you swing up doesn't teach you how to work exclusively on that portion.  The focus needs to be on how to learn to hit UP.

I illustrate how to isolate and work on the upswing by sitting on the court, cross legged.  If you can't cross your legs feel free to sit in any old position, one knee up, one down, both up, whatever.  Put the racket down the back and hold it relaxed, we're not working on the down-and-up rhythm part of the swing or even the follow through.  Toss the ball on the low side and try to hit the ball over the net.  WARNING!  You may swing down and slam the racket into the court by your feet and break your racket.  The parallel green lines in photo #4 show that you stop the racket from going down and touching the court.  If you hit UP the racket doesn't hit the court and the ball clears the net.

item4Next try to get the ball in the service box this way.  It's doable.  You learn to swing up, to use the wrist, to feel the serve grip better.  Of course you will not be hitting the ball hard, that's not the point, that job is for the acceleration drill. After a quick few over the net stand up, do the full swing, and pay notice to hitting UP when it's time.


[Btw, the ball did clear the net and go in.  No one really tells you with these things.]


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