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This is an idea to add some energy to a can of tennis balls I sent to Wilson, adding on the can graphic an action photo of different players showcasing different strokes as well as a vanilla tennis tip to help new players.  Unfortunately Wilson passed.


I thought this idea works on many levels.  Different action photos can become collectibles or wanna-haves to some degree when choosing a can of tennis balls to purchase.  The photographer who "lands the can" gets good publicity and a big reminder to us all how professional they are in what is often a thankless profession.  The tennis ball can itself stands out like a sore thumb amongst its competitors and lures buyers.  And it's cool.














What do you think?

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Steps: Contents S 6: Stroke Commons 1 S 12: The Serve 1 Wrist Use:  Go Natural S 1: Geometry S 7: Stroke Commons 2 On Rotation: A Compilation Hand Use: Activate S 2: Feetwork S 8: Forehand 1 Grand Unification Theory Modern Tennis Not S 3: Power Zone S 9: Backhand 1 Head-On Rebuttal Wrist Snap Evidence Serve S 4: Power S 10: Volley Myth of the "Myths" S 5: Balance S 11: Returns/Approaches Federer Vision Technique