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Welcome to Revolutionary Tennis, tennis instruction for both tennis pros and recreational players that explains a new and easier way to improve your tennis strokes, your consistency, court coverage, and power.  Best of all the instruction, tips, and advice here costs you nothing.  This site is absolutely free, I'm not setting you up for a book or video sale.  It's all here.

This revolutionary tennis instruction makes sense and it's simpler.  You will do less work, and in the end your strokes gain much more.  I guarantee it.   It's 100% different from anything else you've been exposed to.

If you turn sideways, if you move parallel to the baseline, if you hit open stanced, if you rotate the body, if you crossover step first, if you extend the arm or keep the arm and/or wrist fixed during the swing... these and other ideas accepted as the tennis standard are both counterproductive and inefficient for tennis players.  Yes, they are.  The earth isn't flat, and we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Why are you here?  To improve your game.  What have you got to lose?  Absolutely nothing.  What's there to gain? Real

First, A Question

Here's where you must begin on your first visit, or if you want to remind yourself how this is all supposed to work.


The free instructional area.  It's best to work through each Step in order because each one borrows from the preceding one and builds to the next one.

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This is my Dad, George, in Sidney, Ohio, in 1937 at age 16.  He's self taught, and got me started.  I owe my tennis to him. Thanks, Dad!

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