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Revolutionary Tennis launched January, 2000, offering new information about tennis methodology that will change man's perception of how to play the game.

WHITE PAPERS:  Individual papers on core topics that affect your game in a big way.  To date:

Linear and Angular Momentum
Wrist Use
Hand Use
Modern Tennis Not
Science Evidence Of Wrist Snap On A Serve

Idea For A Can Of Tennis Balls  The graphic on a can of tennis balls is bo-oring, time for a change, energize things.

Federer Vision Technique  How to watch the ball and look at the ball like Federer.  Easily done, distinctive.

The Myth of The Tennis Myths  Not really myths, see for yourself.

Head On Rebuttal: Open Stance forehand = injury We are through the looking glass with this one, the USTA, USPTA.  USPTA doctors their photos to prove their thesis.

STEP 12     The Tennis Serve

The forehand hit above your head.  In many parts.  Good luck.
Stance       Holistic       Toss / Trophy / Twist
Upward Swing       uPness of Contact

Addendum and

Federer YouTube forehand clip in the forehand Step 8.

Check back periodically.  Thanks!

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Steps: Contents S 6: Stroke Commons 1 S 12: The Serve 1 Wrist Use:  Go Natural S 1: Geometry S 7: Stroke Commons 2 On Rotation: A Compilation Hand Use: Activate S 2: Feetwork S 8: Forehand 1 Grand Unification Theory Modern Tennis Not S 3: Power Zone S 9: Backhand 1 Head-On Rebuttal Wrist Snap Evidence Serve S 4: Power S 10: Volley Myth of the "Myths" S 5: Balance S 11: Returns/Approaches Federer Vision Technique